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  • Jean-Marc Schwartz elected President of ARVALIS

    The institute's executive board met on Wednesday February 7, 2024 in Paris, on which occasion Jean-Marc Schwartz has been elected President of ARVALIS.

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  • European experts in agricultural water management gathered at Arvalis South-West station

    A look back at the Partnership Event organized by ARVALIS in November in its station of Baziège, bringing together 10 European R&D organizations that are also scientific experts in water management in arable cropping systems.

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  • Lin'Ovation, the first field exhibition organized by ARVALIS dedicated to fiber flax

    Over 3 000 flax growers are expected at Crosville-La-Vieille, on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 June 2022, from 9am to 6pm. This small town in the Eure region, in the heart of the world's historic production basin, will be hosting Lin'Ovation, the first full-field technical exhibition organized by ARVALIS and dedicated to fiber flax.

    Visitors will discover a 7-hectare demonstration platform featuring 120 plots, equipment plots, equipment, a variety collection, discussion forums with more than 50 experts, a Village with 98 professional exhibitors, a "Coeur de filière" area, a zone dedicated to French and Belgian dyers and interprofessions, and a TV set... opportunity for farmers who are thinking of starting their own business, to test the idea of a potential diversification. The area under fiber flax has more than doubled in France over the last 10 years.

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  • 1,000 participants at the 5th Technical meeting of Villers

    The 5th Technical meeting of Villers was held on June 29, 2023. 1,000 participants took part in this event dedicated to innovations in potato growing and storage, organized by ARVALIS and its partners. Growers, collectors, and agricultural advisors were able to discover the trials carried out by experts at the ARVALIS Villers-Saint-Christophe (02) research and experimentation station.

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  • Les Culturales 2023: 15 000 visitors to the field innovation show

    15,000 participants attended the 16th edition of Culturales, the world's largest field exhibition dedicated to field crops, organized by ARVALIS. With over 40 partners, including Terres Inovia (technical institute for the oil and protein sector), ITB (technical institute of beet industry) and Fnams (national federation of seed multiplier farmers), and 280 exhibitors, farmers found answers to major agricultural challenges such as climate change, food safety, nutrition, and plant health.

    The public was enthusiastic while walking the Culturales 2023 trade show. For two days, 15,000 participants met over 200 experts and 280 exhibitors in the field. Farmers were able to discuss their problems in the field and find innovative solutions. For example, research and varietal selection were at the heart of discussions, particularly in the technical area devoted to climate change. Soil cultivation was also discussed from a variety of angles, including soil conservation agriculture.

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