Organization chart

The Institute employs 450 people to serve farmers and the arable crops sectors.

The organization of ARVALIS reflects the threefold desire of its Board of Directors for the Institute to ensure:

  • its proximity to regional players and farmers.
  • methodological and technical excellence.
  • its proximity to public and private, national, and international research.

Norbert Benamou, General Manager

He heads 6 departments:

  • Two departments, each with about 40% of the staff, interact to combine the knowledge and skills of thematic, territorial, and sectoral specialists:
  • The Regional Actions Department

    The Regional Actions Department meets the objective of being close to French regional players for the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge and references. The teams of the Regional actions Department are in charge of listening to the needs of producers and regional partners, implementing trials and field tests, studies, projects and expertise adapted to the major issues of each region, making regional and national results available and developing a service offer adapted to the expectations of our clients in conjunction with the Valorization Department. In addition, it is responsible for listening to the sectors, proposing annual research and transfer needs, and ensuring that they are met.

    • Director: Franck Wiacek
    • Eastern Region: Jérôme Fabre
    • Central Region: Nathalie Bigonneau
    • Northern Region: Antoine Bray
    • Western Region: Jacques Orsini
    • Southern Region: Sophie Vallade
  • The Research and Development Department

    The Research and Development Department develops and maintains a high level of expertise in line with scientific, technological, regulatory, and economic developments. Its mission is to listen, question and collaborate with research, design, methodologically and technically coordinate applied research activities and validate results and make them available in the most operational forms.

    • Director: François Laurent
    • Crop Adaptation to Agroclimates, Genetics and Phenotyping: Jean-Pierre Cohan
    • Agronomy, Economics and Environment: Anthony Uijttewaal
    • Digital innovations, methodologies, and experimentation materials: Emmanuelle Gourdain
    • Integrated Crop Protection Department: Nathalie Verjux
    • Quality and Valorization: Christine Bar
  • Two other departments focus on promoting the results obtained by the teams of the Research and Development Department and the Regional Actions Department:
  • The Communication and Marketing Department

    The Communication and Marketing Department manages the Institute's main digital and printed information media and provides operational support to the teams on all projects requiring skills in communication, publishing, events, and marketing. It is also responsible for publishing and distributing the monthly magazine "Perspectives Agricoles" published by UPTERRA, a subsidiary of ARVALIS.

    • Director: Julie Besnard
    • Institutional Communication, Press and Public Relations: Arnaud Briffond
    • Events: Olivia Martel
    • Marketing: Cécile Vinson
    • UPTERRA Director: Julien Joubert
    • Sales (print, web and events): Julien Joubert
    • Copywriting, print content management: Charles Baudart
    • Copywriting, web content management: Nicolas Bousquet
    • Writing, popularization of research projects: Justine Gravé
  • The Valorization Department

    The objective of the Valorization Department is to strengthen the development of the Institute's innovations while providing financial security. It co-constructs products and services and identifies different markets with teams from other departments and potential partners, before ensuring their marketing, implementation and support. In addition, it assists the teams in developing industrial partnerships.

    • Director: Romain Val
    • Innovation and Transfer: Régis Berthelot
    • Product Department: Marianne Moalic
    • Marketing and Sales Department: Florence Lavaud
    • Design and operational implementation of digital solutions: Emmanuel Morin
  • To coordinate all the activities of these four departments:
  • The Programs Department

    The Programs Department ensures that the thematic and methodological orientations of ARVALIS - Institut du végétal's work are properly reflected in the experimentation systems and projects implemented, considering the specific characteristics of each territory. It is the arbitration body for prioritizing actions to be carried out.

    It carries out a scientific watch (partnerships, funding opportunities, etc.) on calls for projects, helps to guide some of them and acts so that they represent a significant source of self-financing. In this sense, it contributes to the external influence of ARVALIS' skills and programs, to increase its reputation and attract new partners. The programs department facilitates inter-team dialogue and helps teams to formalize and manage projects.

    • Director: François Bert
    •  Operational Program management: Julien Bruyère
    • European projects and partnerships: Florence Leprince
    • Organic Program management: Amélie Carrière
    • Call for Projects Unit: Alexandra Zidani
    • Information Systems for Steering and Experimentation: Claire de Bollivier
    • Knowledge management: Bénédicte Meaudre
  • The support functions department

    Finally, the support functions department manages all administrative, financial, accounting, and legal aspects of the Institute. It is also responsible for the management and training of human resources. In addition, it ensures the operation and management of the IT infrastructure.

    • Director: Dominique Latrilhe
    • Accounting: Blandine Baschung
    • Controlling: Didier Duhamel and Mame-Aisse Koundour
    • Human Resources: Olivier Le Failler
    • General Services / Purchasing: Mehdi Hassny
    • Information systems: Denis Cordonnier
  • The Scientific Director

    The Scientific Director reports to the General Director and is free of any managerial responsibility. The Scientific Director's mission is to define and implement the Institute's scientific strategy, to direct operational foresight studies, and to support the program's management. He or she leads the scientific council and manages internal calls for projects on the entity's project reserve, which has a total of 36 M€.

    Director: Stéphane Jézéquel

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