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ASALEE tool winner of the 2022 Global Water Challenges Award

ARVALIS has won the WIE2022 Global Water Challenges Awards for ASALEE.

ASALEE is a decision-support tool used to compare crop rotation strategies, based on the emerging need to identify the impact of climatic hazards on the economic results arable crops farms. The objective of ASALEE is to enable a farmer and/or advisor to compare different crop rotation choices by integrating various risk factors such as the variability of agricultural production prices, climate change and access to water resources. These choices, driven by the technical capacities of a given farm, make it possible to determine the level of acceptable risk-taking so that each farmer can identify their own solutions

PANACEA project - Perennial energy crops : destruction of miscanthus plots

Miscanthus is a very interesting dedicated perennial crop in terms of biomass production and energy potential.
However, the question of its destruction for a re-cultivation of the plot appears to be crucial : an improperly carried out destruction can have heavy consequences for the following crop. The respect of some advice and the knowledge of the plant cycle facilitates the realization of its destruction and the re-cultivation of the plot.
Explanations with Sylvain MARSAC, engineer specialized in the non-food valorization of biomass at ARVALIS - Institut du végétal.

Energy catch crops - A solution for the development of the French and European bio-economy

Since 2017, Arvalis has been participating in the European PANACEA network to develop the contribution of non-food crops to the bio-economy.
In France, this can notably involve developing energy catch crops (ECC).
What is at stake? What levers can be used to optimise the production of biomass and its use in a biogas plant?

DIGIPILOT - Optimize wheat fertilization & watering through a mobile application

DIGIPILOTE is a decision support system that will deliver advice to wheat farmers through a mobile application which processes information from the cloud and data from IoT solutions to support wheat producers in maintaining a high-level of production a high quality and quantity production under unpredictable climatic conditions. 
The application uses fields data from sensors, satellites and crop models to generate technical and strategic advice for its end-users, connect with other farm software and IoT solutions. Farmers will receive alerts regarding the Nitrogen and water nutrition status of their fields and the need to perform a technical operation.
Developed within H2020 project SmartAgriHubs

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