Our research stations

The ARVALIS teams are spread over 32 sites throughout France.

The goal is to enable the Institute's staff to carry out research, development, and innovation transfer missions on a very broad spectrum, at all scales:

  • spatial (from gene to territory).
  • on all the cultures of the institute and on all the territories of mainland France.
  • by covering all the links in the value chain from production to processing.
A network of ARVALIS stations on the entire territory
A network of stations on the entire territory

ARVALIS' territorial presence

29 research and experimentation sites (including 2 external sites).

  • Fifteen are ARVALIS-owned: Boigneville (91), La Jaillière (44), Villerable (41), Villiers-le-Bâcle (91), Montaut-les-Créneaux (32), Nîmes (30), Montans (81), Ecardenville-la-Campagne (27), Soulangy (14), Bergerac (24), Saint-Beauzire (63), Villers-Saint-Christophe (02), St-Hilaire-en-Woëvre (55), Gréoux-les-Bains (04), and Pusignan (69).
  • Six research or experimentation stations are shared with research, other technical institutes (INRAe, technical institutes or affiliated (Terres Inovia, ACTA, FNAMS...): Baziège-En Crambade (31), Le Magneraud (17), Ouzouer-le -Marché (41).
  • Six are in collaboration with chambers of agriculture, agricultural cooperatives, and institutes other than those for field crops: Jeu-les-Bois (36), Châlons-en-Champagne (51), Etoile-sur-Rhône (26), Colmar (68), Bretenière (21), Le Chaumoy (18)
  • Two have in common or are adjacent to agricultural high schools and training centers: Montardon (64), Ploërmel (56).
  • Two are external sites (INRAe, Photonics Bretagne) hosting ARVALIS teams : Avignon (84), Lannion (22).

Three administrative sites: Paris (75), Caen (14), Bordeaux (33).

More about ARVALIS

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