Devices and equipment

ARVALIS’ R&D activities are deployed across 29 (including 2 external sites) research and testing sites throughout France. 

These 29 sites or stations cover the most representative situations faced by the French agricultural sector and conduct different types of works:

  • Annual field experiments and long-term trials, from the plot to the catchment area, but also within climate chambers, under greenhouses, in laboratories.
  • Works on production, harvesting, storing, preservation and processing of all the species within ARVALIS’ scope.
  • Works on environment and biodiversity:
    • Improving water quality (point source and diffuse pollutions),
    • Assessing and improving soil fertility (physical, chemical, biological) for tillage, plant cover, fertilization…
    • Assessing and improving biodiversity by working also on its indicators.
  • Works on digital agriculture, in ARVALIS’ two Digifermes® located in Boigneville (Paris region) and Saint Hilaire-en-Woëvre (Northeastern France), from the national Digifermes® network piloted by the ACTA (Technical Agricultural Institutes) and the French Technical Agricultural Institutes. These two sites are especially dedicated to assessing and co-building digital tools and services for a smart, efficient, and sustainable agriculture, in partnership with various actors: startups, development agencies, digital enterprises, research institutes…
A network of stations on the entire territory
A network of stations on the entire territory

These research and testing sites are equipped with high-end devices and equipment to help acquire references on all the components of the Institute’s R&D program:

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