EAPR Post Harvest and Agronomy & Physiology Sections meeting

General organisation and program


The joint meeting will be organised on the Arvalis experimental and research centre of Villers Saint Christophe located in Northern France. This centre works on the different main arable crops and is one of the main of the institute for the potato studies which are dedicated to all technical aspects of the production, from planting till storage.

The experimental centre, known as the “Digistation” of Arvalis, develops since a few years specific digital activities for phenotyping crops (roots, foliage, sprouts) and diseases (late blight) with the purpose of rapid data transfer to computerized analyse. On other side, the potato storage studies keep being usually carried on this site since its creation but also with newly created experimental store facilities.

All participants in the meeting will have the opportunity to discover the various experimental UpToDate equipment used on the site but also the new offices recently inaugurated in September 2022.




The last day of the meeting will occur during the National Potato Day ("Les rendez-vous techniques de Villers Saint Christophe") organized regularly on the site by the institute for a specific communication to the French actors of the potato industry.

The final programme of the meeting is now available. For downloading, please click on this  link.

A bus shuttle service will be proposed for transfer to the hotels and for the visit of the Historial Museum in Peronne

Scientific committee

Scientific committee for the Agronomy & Physiology section

  • Francesca DEGAN
  • Ilze DIMANTE
  • Peter DOLNICAR

Scientific committee for the Post Harvest section

  • Andreas MEYER
  • Michel MARTIN
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